Rainstream RXL Rainwater Re-Use

Rainstream from Polypipe offers a range of highly effective solutions for the retention, filtration and re-use of rainwater in commercial and residential applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Tank sizes from 1,500 to 300,000 litres (smaller tanks available upon request)
  • Leaf filter within bespoke chambers to suit specific project needs
  • Complete range of additional items such as duty standby and booster systems
  • Mains water back-up
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the volume of water from local treatment works
  • Tank system supplied with filters, pumps, valves, component set and factory fitted inlet, calmed inlet and outlet connections
  • Offers bespoke design solutions
  • Filter uses first flush principle
  • Manifold system available for multiple dwellings
  • Water filtered to 110 microns
  • Increases water capture by using specialist filters such as RIDGISTORM-X4

How Rainwater Harvesting Works

1. Rainwater falling onto roofs, roads and paved areas can be collected by a variety of measures which include guttering, channel drainage and specialised roof drain systems.


2. Pre-tank filtration then removes any larger pieces of debris such as leaves, before the collected water passes to the storage tank.


3. The storage vessel is typically a large tank which can sometimes be included within a building, surface mounted externally or buried below the surface of the site.

4. Captured water is re-distributed through a second stage filtration and pump assembly.


5. A sophisticated control unit monitors water levels in various parts of the system and matches these to the water demand at the outlets.

Rainstream for Commercial Applications

Large-scale solutions have been installed on a wide variety of projects, from Ministry of Defence sites through to retail developments. The Rainstream RXL tank is a bespoke, fully engineered product based on the same proven technology as Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe range.


The result is a tank of exceptional stiffness and integrity that can be transported quickly and efficiently and, because of the nature of the tank construction, can be installed without the need for a concrete surround or the need to fill the tank with mains water to weigh it down during installation. The tank incorporates an antibacterial lining that resists the development of bacterial colonies.

All Rainstream RXL enquiries for commercial applications are handled by Polypipe Terrain. For further details, please call 01622 795 200.


Rainstream Commercial


Rainstream Home XL for residential applications

Rainstream Home XL will never need a concrete surround in non-loaded applications, even where there's a high water table - just a concrete base to which the tanks are strapped. A simple solution to the complex problem of rising water tables and changing weather patterns. Other systems tend to be installed in summer when the water table is low, leading to collapse when water tables and hydrostatic pressures rise in winter.

Rainstream Home XL has been designed by civil engineers to withstand these hydrostatic pressures, plus water pressure at a burial depth of up to 6m or 0.6 bar, far beyond the pressures the tank is likely to face. Polypipe offer a range of tank sizes to meet UK household water usage and MET office data, providing cost-effective solutions without over-specification.

Manifold System for Multiple Dwellings

Bespoke manifold systems can be created, and are a highly effective and economical way of capturing rainwater from multiple properties.

All Rainstream enquiries for residential applications are handled by Polypipe Building Products. For further details, please call +44 (0) 1709 770 000.


Rainstream Home